Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Taste of Bellflower

Sundays we like to go out for's our thing..we been doing it for breakfast outing. We found a new place the other week that we really dug called the Bellflower Diner. It is on Bellflower Blvd. right in the middle of downtown Bellflower and the Facade looks like a little country house and when you walk inside it is all full of country Kitsch. Stuffed Chickens,wacky signs, old timey knic knacs..It can go on and on. The best part is you feel like your having a homemade breakfast and the prices are SUPER CHEAP!
 We decided we would ride our bikes down over there an get some exercise.
 Getting Ava strapped in her Wee Rider..Man she LOVES this thing! Since Gabe's modes of transportation have been out of service and he has been taking my errands have been ran with Me taking Gabe's bike out with Ava in the Wee ain't easy...Gabe's bike is too tall and I have to do a running start just to get on the bike..once I am on though it is smooth sailing.
 I had a Diner Sink Omelet with tomatoes,avocado,sausage,peppers,cheeses,sour cream, bacon..pretty much the whole kitchen sink. Ava had silver dollar pancakes and Gabe had the eggs Benedict..Parker cause he had cereal earlier got the cinnamon roll..Look how huge it is.. Yeah he was pretty happy about that!
 Ava kept crawling under the table back and forth one moment sitting with me then the next with Gabe and Parker. after 3 cups of diner coffee and a very fulfilling breakfast we got on our bikes and we off to the Pirate Park for a little bit (blog on that will be tomorrow) but we thought it was such a beautiful morning let's ride around town for a bit and take in the sites!
 Good ol Downtown Bellflower..My mom lives right around the corner from here. This place I have known my whole life..I remember being Ava's age and my parents would take me down here to see parades go up and down this street. This picture actually looks like it was taken back in the 60's or something well besides the SUV's on the road.
 We turned down this side street and noticed this old theater..WHAT!?!?!... I never knew there was a old theater here..Gabe and  parked and went in. We got to talking to the owners..this theater is a children's Theatrical playhouse where kids Parker's age and some preschoolers too put on shows. They have this Hip Hop dance Kids group that happens 6-7 every Friday night..first class is free and the others are like 8 bucks or something like that..I am thinking about dropping Parker off there to try it out..maybe he will like it and meet some new friends as well! Oh and the only I think 10 years was just made to look older.
 We stopped at this little train stop in Bellflower and looked around.
 Gabe and Ava
 all aboard
 After our pit stop at Ye olde Railroad we went on the bike path ..Parker wanted to lead the way
 We got to the end and came back around to head over to the little Library garden place
These pictures make me think of Disney's California Adventure ...
I can't wait to do some more family bike riding breakfast adventures!

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Thelma said...

Yeah I love the old charm of Downtown Bellflower. Thats nice you guys make it a tradition to go have a family breakfast outing!