Friday, January 28, 2011

Times Square

Once the bus dropped Holly and I off we walked over to Times Square and hung out for awhile
I swear if you just put a colorful roof over me it would look almost identical to Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas!
It was Monday night so it was not too crowded
They had this cool big TV over Forever 21 store and I guess throughout Times Square were hidden cameras filming the people on the street...Can you find Holly and I???
How about now??
on the big screen a huge person would show up and interact with the crowd ..the girl would pick up a image of a person on the street and the background would change into a desert with a camel walking through it and she would place the people on the camel and wave good bye to was funny..we actually hung out here for a while and watched it! she looks like she is about to sit on us!!
It was soo cold out we decided to head back to our hotel room and get a goods night sleep for our first day of work. Our hotel was right next to the Chrysler Building.
I would have to say for the record...This night was the coldest night of all our stay in New York!


Thelma said...

It does look like Fremont St in Vegas! Awesome pics!

John and Kirsten said...

I think Fremont Street looks like Time Square - lol! I love the Wheres Iris and Holly picture just like Wheres Waldo!