Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just can't get enough

Of Knott's Berry Farm that is...
Gabe wanted to go again today just to go on Big Foot Off we went back to Knott's
We started on the kiddie train
Then Explored the caverns
Parker was rock climbing
Ava leading Gabe through the wobbly bridge over rapid waters to the caves
Then a few rides in Camp Snoopy.
And some sweets for the kids.
We just had to put Ava on her favorite ride!
Walking over to the rapids
Stopped at a few shops and this one had a coin op show with this talking and singing horse and cow..
She was not amused.....
Soon time to go but we HAD to stop at Dippn Dots.
Parker had rainbow sherbet
And Ava had some of Parker's sherbert and some of my banana split.
We had to get going cause I wanted to have dinner and go over my packing list and take a nap before I leave tonight for New York.
Since I am leaving tonight I will not be blogging until Friday so Take care everyone..I am off to NEW YORK!!!


John and Kirsten said...

How fun! You guys really get such great use out of your passes. I love that ride also...its one of my favorites! I can't wait to see your pics from NYC!

Julia said...

You are totally getting your money's worth out of those passes. And it's not too far away. Last time I was there the lines were way better than going to D-land.