Saturday, January 1, 2011

NYE at the Homestead

Well we have finally come in to 2011! I am hoping this is going to be the best year yet..This year is the year that I will have a lot of credit cards paid off. I have a few that only have One payment left on them!
Anyway We were invited to several NYE parties but it was the first NYE in a long time that Gabe and I got to share it together. Usually he is working at the restaurant NYE. This year we thought it would just be a nice time to spend it together at home with the kids and that is just what we did..also though My brother and his GF celebrated the NY with us!
We had wine,and vodka for cocktails, and lots o champagne..ofcourse Pizza and chicken and treats along the way. Jessica just bought the board game Cranium and so we made it a GAME night. It was Gabe and I vs Alex and Jess. WE WON! Parker was the time keeper.
My brother and Jess. All night my brother was making that face...he was watching a lot of Fire Marshall Bill skits from In Living Color soo all night it was "LET ME SHOW YA SOMETHING"

Ava has been pretty lethargic throughout the week and was not feeling well last night. She did not want ANY clothes on at least we got her to bust out a few smiles and a couple laughs
The Cranium Game was Thee best to play while dizzy with Champagne Bubbles floating in the head. We were having so much fun! I CANNOT WAIT to play it again. I landed on a color where I had to act out a someone took this picture of me acting out ..something.... My brother was feeling tipsy..he thought Why not go for a ride on Ava's Coaster in the backyard....fool
This is his impersonation of the guys chasing the women on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland...He said when he was working at Shipwrecked (the haunted thing they do at the Queen Mary at Halloween time) That he and his friend would run pass the end of the hall in front of people doing their Pirates is pretty funny to see them do.
After the game and a Pretty good Buzz from all the Vodka Limeades we been drinking ,we got prepared to bring out the party horns and take our small family party outside...Alex kept messing with his horn so much it broke...
He tore the paper off it and Jess was blowing one side while Alex had the piece in his mouth on the other side and it was Making this Hilarious was like the Charlie Brown cartoons when the teacher or the adults talk...I started laughing so hard I was crying my eye makeup off..Jess was crying of laughter too. I have not laughed that hard in a LONG TIME.
Alex decided to climb the tree out front
Then Gabe followed...
It was so cold we brought our fire pit out front while we waited for midnight
countdown from 10, 9, 8......Our neighbor Karen came over with the pots and pans to bang
Everyone grab a glass of champagne..Parker had his glass of Sparkling Apple cider...Ava was crashed out already.
HAPPY NEW YEAR~~~ fireworks were going off like crazy in the neighborhood.
After having a few more servings of champagne we though let's ride Parker go oh is quick!
Parker pulling Alex on the was funny how Parker would drift it and my brother would go gliding down the road on the skate board
My brother could not hold back any more..He HAD to ride the go cart for himself, then Jess wanted to be pulled on the skateboard behind him and then Parker was behind her on the smaller skateboard...yep a total circus train.
That was the last picture I took of the night cause my camera was finally dying and quite frankly it was almost 2am and I was dead tired. After this we sat a little bit and talked about NEW Years Resolutions and mine is to do more traveling in 2011 and of course be more health smart.
Well all in all it was a nice little NYE and none of us had hangovers..well Gabe said he had a little one but nothing some green tea can't fix. Happy New Years everyone!

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John and Kirsten said...

Sounds like a familiar night and a great one! Its the perfect place to ring in the New Year!