Tuesday, January 25, 2011

With Liberty and Justice for all

We took a break from our NY bus tour and hopped off at battery Park to view the Statue of Liberty and to just really get out and stretch our legs too.

Battery Park was filled with snow and it was colder there then anywhere else in Manhattan because we were so close to the water. There was a eternal flame going on in the park next to this sculpture..if you click on the picture you can probably read what it says...
This is the sculpture..does not look so bad on the photo but in person there was big holes blown throughout it and tons of birds living in it.
We walked over to the water and starting yelling at these Gulls to go to Cali where it is warm..then I realized ..oh these are Arctic seagulls. Very pretty.
I wish we had the time to go on the boat over to go inside the Statue of liberty but the bus tours were going to end soon.
Close up
Not really sure what this is...
This is what I was standing in...we did see a lot of yellow snow too in Battery Park...I would like to assume it is from dogs....
No were not in Moscow..Holly took a picture of me standing in this same spot on her camera
We walked over to ground Zero...it is mainly just all construction sites.
The new tower being built
Everything was gated so this is about as close as we could get
This was on the building across the street
Paying homage to all the firefighters that lost their lives in 911.
There was only a few people there
It was pretty sad being there in that spot just took me back to that unforgettable horrible day.
There was very little to see here at Ground Zero.


Jessie said...

I really hope to visit New York someday! Great photos!

Thelma said...

Oh man it looks so cold! It's so nice to see the Statue of Liberty. We must never take our Freedom for granted.

John and Kirsten said...

I haven't been to NY in soooo long. This makes we want to plan a trip but in June!