Sunday, January 9, 2011

Celebration at The Lodge

Last night we went to the Annual Installation of Officers at Gabe's soon to be Lodge. It was extra special cause tonight they were getting a new Master of the house! Shawn has been Master elect for the past few years and it has always been past master but now we were getting someone new!

The evenings schedule of event's!
getting seated before the ceremonies begin
Shawn Master of the house giving his Farewell speech
The officers that are being installed for the evening in proper Mason formation before being seated.
Scott being installed for Junior Deacon!
Ron being installed for Master of the lodge. All the top lodge men wore their Scottish Formal Tartan's
Ron making his speech and doing the presentations of gifts.
It was so nice that his father was the installing officer for him..his first time being a Master. Ron is a fantastic guy and we are so happy for him!
The exchanging of keys
Then Job's Daughters came out to close the evening.
with a beautiful song... My brother almost died of holding in his laughter cause once the girls were done singing their song Gabe's Stomach let out this monstrous growl!
The new officers leave the building first and we are soon follow ..I posted the video below of them exiting
We all line up to head to the banquet room for dinner and cocktails and to enjoy this band and give our congratulations and shake hands to all the new officers who are all lined up at the entrance
The Cake! It was very good..Iheard..we didn't have any. We had a great lemon chicken with Capers and artichoke, Grilled Zucchini and Pasta with fresh parm for dinner with a was fantastic!
Nice Masonic Flutes at each table.
My brother and his Girlfriend Jess
Gabe and I enjoying our cocktails..he had Whiskey on the rocks and I had Amaretto on the rocks.
I swear I must have ate like 10 of these stuffed mushrooms that were being passed around was cold!
Outside a bunch of the guys were outside having cigars in celebration to their new positions of the lodge.They had these camels which they used in their xmas parade a few weeks ago. Scott and Gabe were goofing off on them..too funny
Basically these Camels go over mini bikes and the Mason's ride them around the float. They ride up to the kids in the crowd and the camels have a little water shooter in the mouth and they squirt the little kids and they said the kids and crowd just love them! They also make the camels drop pine cones in the rode to look like little poops and a guy walks behind them and sweeps them up..
It was getting late and we just drank, mingled with some really cool people we met, danced, was so much fun
Scott with Ed's Son (Ed is another Mason that was installed this evening) at the end of the night!
We always have a blast at the lodge!


John and Kirsten said...

Wow...that is great. The video at the end is perfect. Is Gabe going to get installed soon?

Iris said...
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Iris said...

No ..he has to pay his dues and do his degrees first. Right now he has all the signatures and his Ap is in ..He just needs to pay. He is holding back though cause he is worried since he works at night he won't be able to attend the regular meetings.
We still are invited to all the events they do at the lodge though and everyone has bascially accepted him.

Thelma said...

Thats so cool! Hopefully he'll be able to make the meetings.