Monday, January 10, 2011

Comfort food

Sometimes I crave random foods and one night after Christmas I was craving mash potatoes with a hearty thick homemade gravy. So Off I went to boil up some potatoes and to create a gravy by scratch.
I started my gravy off first with 3 cups of water with a few shakes of some chicken bouillon and then added some flour,pepper,cream,a stick of butter,salt, celery salt, minced garlic, milk and tasted along the way for whatever I may add. Some of the flour I added though turned into dumplings in the gravy Which actually tasted really good and I got to thinking hmmmm maybe I will make a I chopped up turkey breasts,added corn,added onions and made a hearty Chowder
My plan for dinner was to make a big mound of mash potatoes and form it in the bowl and fill up the middle of the potatoes with the came out FANTASTIC! We had some HUGE rolls and Gabe wanted his served in the bread bowl .
It went great with the wine. I think I am going to make this again very soon but I will make some more modifications to it and add some other items. I decided this is the greatest comfort food. My hubby and kids fell in love with it!


John and Kirsten said...

It looks fantastic! I wish I had some of that for lunch today. Serving it in the bread bowl is such a nice presentation!

Thelma said...

Mmmm...looks so good Iris! Last night I was craving a chicken pot pie and had one but I cheated cuz it was a Marie Callenders!

Ally said...

Looks yummy!