Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Modern Tech= hours of fun for my kids

So Ava is picking up Parker's habits. It is really hard to get Parker to do anything but play games on computer and console..now that I have my Ipod Ava is hooked.
I downloaded some Apps though to help her learn. I got baby Flash cards that we play with together and she LOVES the baby Piano!
She gets SO upset when I take it away..
She loves to lounge in her chair and just play with the apps...she is actually learning quite a bit from it though. I have some Dr. Suess Books downloaded on it too that we can read together.
I figure if she wants to play on it so much might as well give her stuff that she is going to learn from too...
and this is where you will find Parker from 5-9pm every night..at least he does get his homework done.


Ally said...

Ya got such great lookin' kids! :)

Iris said...

So funny how much Parker and Ava look alike too as Ava gets older she just looks more and more like him

John and Kirsten said...

I agree...its funny how each kid looks like a parent but you put the both of them together and they look more like each other!

Thelma said...

wow, it makes me wonder when they get to be in their 20's how much more technology there will be! Kids on computers...so crazy!