Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back on The Bus

After walking around a bit in the financial district aka Wall Street and looking around we came across this very old is from the revolutionary war.
We were thinking when we first saw it that it is where all the bodies fell when the stock market crashed considering the American Stock Exchange building is right behind it.
Cool old Church!
I never seen a tombstone so old in my life!..Died 1782!
We were trying to figure out who these faces were..Holly said maybe they were the Knights of the round table...I thought they look like the dudes on the bicycle playing cards...especially the face on the far left...doesn't look like the Jack of clubs!!

Back at Battery Park after getting back on the bus we waited while more people joined us on the bus...we kept seeing lots of New York Rats running all around the park running into little self made igloos..they were cute..not to big and ratty quite yet.
I was FREEEEZING waiting on the top of that bus to start moving!
We drove by the Staten Island Ferry
Got a glimpse of Brooklyn
Got a glimpse of some great old ships
Of course the goood ol Brooklyn bridge
Drove through Chinatown...we just thought this Buddhist temple/99cent store was pretty unusual.
This China man was working on his scooter in the freezing weather..I guess he really had somewhere to be!
Soon leaving out of Chinatown the bus really just started hauling butt back to Times Square to end the tours of the evening.
So at this point between the bus trying to get back and my now completely frozen body everything just became a blur
I love how the city just lights up after Dusk
the trees were still filled with lights as well...I don't know if they were left over from the Holidays or if they are always just like this.
Back at Times Square which concludes the Bus Tour. I am so glad we did it..we really got to cram in as much sight seeing as I think we could have in one day!
I would have to say if you ever in New York and really want to learn some great history and fun facts and see all the major landmarks of New Must go on the bus tour!
We unfortunately could not use our tour passes to the fullest..your pass is good for 48 hours and it includes besides the Downtown tour which all my pictures were includes a Brooklyn Tour, Harlem,Central Park, Uptown and so much more. Not to forget to mention a ferry ride as well.


Thelma said...

I have to say that my favorite thing about New York is the history. I love the architure, the many cultures, the art. I can't wait to go back one of these days but in much better weather!

John and Kirsten said...

I agree...the bus is definately the way to go. I am amazed at how much you guys got to see in such a short amount of time!

April Rodriguez said...

The Waldorf! Always wanted to stay there! I want to visit NY

Julia said...

It sounds like that pass is a great way to see the main tourist spots! Even if you do freeze a little...