Saturday, January 29, 2011

Food food glorious food

After our first work day in the office in New York..The VP told our logistics manager to take Holly and I out to one of their favorite places to go eat called Naples 45 for dinner.. there are a few locations even in Downtown Disney in Anaheim here in CA!
They had a couple beers to drink and I had Some bubbly (my new favorite beverage these days)
For our appetizers we each picked one and shared..I picked the pesto Gnocchi, Holly picked the fresh Mozzarella with Tomato and basil and Seviye picked the calamari ( which I never had before but did make the attempt to try it for the first time in New york and let me say..NOT A FAN)
We decided on 3 entrees too..I picked the striped Bass with clams in a tomato veggie broth ( EXCELLENT)

Seviye picked a hand tossed 4 cheese pizza (DELISH) and Holly a Risotto ( I forget what kind but is was also very good)...It was a fantastic meal..I cannot wait to take Gabe to the one at Downtown Disney...Hopefully it will be just as good!
OOh and every morning we had free Continental breakfast at the restaurant below our hotel..It contains bowl of fresh fruit, toast with little jam jars, assorted pastries, coffee and OJ...A great way to start the morning!

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