Monday, January 3, 2011

Knott's Berry Farm 2011

So Gabe and I love Knott's Berry Farm alot. We love thee ol Western get up and the kids love love camp snoopy and ofcourse we all love the Berry farm Punch and Mrs. Knott's Chicken Pot Pies! Anyway For xmas I bought us all Annual Passes and I wanted to wait until the first to get them so Sunday we decided to use our passes for the first time.
We were not planning to stay long. Just enough for a couple Camp Snoopy rides and to look around. Ava was not feeling well ad it lingered on throughout the day..sometimes she was fine then other times she got rather strange.
There was NOBODY at the park! It was like we had the whole place to ourselves. When we got in Gabe rode on Ghostrider a few times before heading to camp Snoopy. We stopped along the way to watch the wild west show.

Parker went on a few rides
We had Ava extra bundled up and thought maybe thisplane ride would lift her spirits....she was NOT into it.
It started to rain so we decided let's go on the Merry Go Round a couple times...well I only rode once cause I got way to dizzy...I don't do well in spinning rides. Poor baby she did not feel well
Parker was havign a blast
Gabe too
After that ride Ava was much more happy and wanted to ride more and more.
It was raining too much throughout the day for me to take any more pictures but we left when it got to rainy. However we did mangae to go on quite a few rides. Parker went on the Pony Express Coaster ike 5 times in a row...Gabe and Parker also thought since they were wet already from the rain why not get more wet on the Rapids ride..well..we left after that...I can't wait to go back!


John and Kirsten said...

How was like having your own private park!

Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

Poor Ava, Thats how Cambria is right now too =(

Thelma said...

Knotts is always a fun time! You guys are crazy for getting on the Rapid ride...sheesh gutsy~!

Iris said...

Ava and I went to the Mystery Lodge while the boys decided to go on the rapids.