Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Off to a good start!

Well it appears my New Years Resolution is off to a good start as far as my plans to do more traveling.

Holly and I were called into our bosses office to let us know that we would be spending our MLK day off in NY. Lucky for us the red eye was cheaper then flying out on Monday so we will be arriving to NY at 5:21am Monday morning so we get a whole NY day to ourselves before the intense training that will be doing at work the rest of the week!

This trip is our preliminary training within the group of us gals that will be going to the Intense training in Italy next month...let the traveling commence!

New York old Pal..we will be seeing ya soon!


April Rodriguez said...

How exciting! I wanna visit NY!

Thelma said...

Oh man, I LOVE NEW YORK!! Take lots of pics!!

John and Kirsten said...

Dress warmly it has been cold as heck outside! You are going to have a blast...and Italy just around the corner!

Ally said...

Lucky girl...this is shaping up to be a great year for you!!