Friday, January 21, 2011

Good ol New York..........

I have a lot of traveling this year coming up for work and the first destination was New York City!

Holly and I were super excited to be going!

We met up at Long Beach airport...The best airport to use!
Holly and I dropping off our baggage at the check in ! Those red eye flights really get to you!
A lot of the people on the plane were musicians flying back to NY from being in Anaheim for the NAMM convention. I met some cool peeps and watched lots of TV on the flight in to NY. There were a lot of pets on board too!
We arrived at the JFK airport in NY at 5:21am....So we knew it was going to be cold but OMG this was insane. When I walked outside for the first time I could not take in a breath. It HURT! So just to breathe we had to cover our nose and mouth to filter some of the cold air...Yeah were obviously not from NY!!!
Waiting for a cab to take us into Manhattan ..there was ice everywhere. Luckily they had our hotel room ready for us at 6:30am so we decided to sleep a few hours before hitting the concrete jungle.
We got up and bundled up ..this is the Helmsley building!
We thought we would go walk over to Rockefeller center. We could actually see some sun from this corner!
Only in New York you would find a store that sells nothing but designer umbrellas!
Every Corner was full of vendors selling hot dogs, gyro's, nuts, pretzels. We didn't buy anything from the vendors though. Next NY trip..
Near Rockefeller Center...this was the time...
and this was the temp at that time
We were hungry so we stopped by Au Bon Pain near Radio City
I had a hot cup of hazelnut coffee, Mac and Cheese (it was like a soup..very tasty too) and a everything bread stick and checked facebook and my emails on the Itouch. This was the Perfect meal to warm me up in the icy weather.
So many places to eat in NY. I can't wait to go back with Gabe hopefully this year!
We made it!! Look at the beautiful blue skies...we ended up not going to the top of the rock cause we bought a bus pass tour instead.
We watched the ice skaters for awhile . We were lauging at these 3 men holding each other up and they ate it on the ice a few times.
My face was so frozen!
Love this picture with the reflection of the Rockefeller building reflecting off the marbled plaque and the ice skating rink in the background!
There was lots of little water planters around but none had water in them..probably cause they would freeze!..This is just the beginning of many many pictures from this day! So I am going to be breaking them down!
I made a video looking at Rockefeller...hopefully it works. If not I will re download.


John and Kirsten said...

You guys are too funny with the face masks! I agree once you fly out of the LBC there is just no going back. It is a little weird walking out on the runway though!

Thelma said...

OMG! I so wish I could have gone with you guys! It looks so amazing! I've always wanted to go to the Rockefeller ice skating rink!!