Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's that Time again!!

For the Annual Las Vegas Scooter Rally!!!
We have been to every single one EXCEPT the 2nd one cause I was in Labor!

Gabe and I actually considered not going this year but How could we not!! We always have thee greatest time.
We are splitting a room with our friends Josh and Vicki for the 4th year!
The first year we roomed together was when Vicki and I were both was nice cause while the boys did their scooter rally partying Vicki and I indulged in Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri's and Pregnancy massages at the spa and lots of naps and eating.
Since then we have had a blast rooming with them. This year we are staying at the Golden Nugget again in the new Rush Tower...It is So beautiful and the rooms are FANTASTIC!
Of course Vicki and I are going to book a Spa Date at the hotel as well. I think they have thee best Spa! For 130 dollars you get a massage,facial and manicure and use of the facilities all day! Last time we spent a lot of time in the Steam room with cold cucumber slices over our eyes and icy cold towels to cool off with. Then we lounged on their plush sofas with granola and cucumber and berry infused water and juice while we waited for our massages!
It's always nice to see old scooter friends from all over and have cocktails and dance and laugh and laugh....always some crazy Shenanigans.
We are going to try and see if someone will truck Gabe's scooter so Gabe and I can fly out this year. I don't mind driving to Vegas...something really exciting about driving there but the drive back is ..ughh NITEMARE!!
I guess if all else fails we can rent a truck or maybe hitch a ride with someone.
Anyway I am SO EXCITED!!
Hopefully our friends from Oregon are coming too. They usually meet up with everyone even though they are not scooterists themselves but we are all into the same music and culture and love doing kooky vintage Vegas stuff. This year we plan on going to the Neon Bone yard now that it is finally open to the public!
I am sure somewhere there will also be a couple of nice dinners and cocktail lounges to hit up...Maybe we will actually even RIDE the seems every year it always Rains and we don't ride except for maybe one day even though we still always have fun!


John and Kirsten said...

I can't wait to see the pictures! I saw a show the other night about the Neon Boneyard it looks so fascinating...take tons of pictures!

Thelma said...

You guys are gonna have fun as always! Flying there is always a plus, I dread the drive back too!