Sunday, January 2, 2011


Ava tends to get on these toy binges..she gets really interested in some types of toys..then Loses interests and then moves on to the next.... Well right now she is Really into the Littlest Pet Shops

We just got a new addition to our BLYTHE LPS collection! I wanted to save all the Blythe Edition play sets in the boxes but Ava has been feeling ill and nothing made her happy then to open all of them...
So I opened them all up and she has not stopped playing with them yet!. I am going to have Gabe build a display shelf in Ava's bedroom for them.
I love this one...her little pet comes in a adorable purse carrier
AVA loves the spider pet from this Blythe set and will not let it out of sight...however Ava keeps taking the spider's hat off and then brings it to me whining to put it back on over and over and's getting old..really
Ava loves the scooter one. She keeps putting stuff in the basket and driving it all around the house....Now I guess she can have her Blythe's in their scooter and her Strawberry Shortcake doll on her scooter and they can be scooter mates and rally all around the house!
Her Dollhouse is the next on her list to of most played with toy this week.
My dad bought this for her...Now I am on this crazy toys r us kick buying the room sets to go in the doll house
The doll house is so huge it has become a permanent fixture in the living room..
So I wonder next week what it will be........stay tuned!


Thelma said...

How sweet! I love those dollies and I'm a sucker for Doll Houses:)

John and Kirsten said...

How awesome....when you are tired of it taken over - straight to her bedroom!