Saturday, January 15, 2011

Margarita Time For Toni's 35th!

We celebrated Toni's 35th Birthday at El Torito Happy Hour..3 dollar Margaritas..Yeah that is what I am talking about. There was a fair amount of people that showed up. It was some good times Indeed.
I love this Bag that Thelma's gift to Toni came in..GREAT!!
I have always liked these star lights.
The Bday Gal with maybe the 2nd or 3rd Marg at the beginning of the evening.
This bag was funny too...Toni was like WHO ME??
Opening presents!!!
This was my third Marg...believe I was not as bad as I look in this photo though..I limited myself to 3.
The old neighborhood gang...I miss living with in 2 minutes of each of these girls..however we see each other all the time still.
I only wish I could have made it up to Toni's cabin tonight for more bday celebrating but I will be staying in and packing for NY instead. I am sure just a few of us gals will make it up to the cabin again though for some snowboarding and fireside cocktails!
Happy Birthday Toni!

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Thelma said...

yep that was a fun time and good margaritas and chips and salsa!