Monday, January 24, 2011

Touring New York City..Long Blog

Because I was in New York for business and not for pleasure I was very limited to what i can go out and explore in the big city.

We were lucky enough to be coming into the city on a holiday when our offices are closed and coming in on the red eye early that morning we had the whole day at our disposal.

So when we were at Rockefeller center we were trying to think of where next to walk to when a man approached us selling tickets for the New York city Double Decker bus tour called City sites. I know it is probably a very cheesy touristy thing to do but I was sold!

I figure why pay for cabs to all the different locations I want to see when I can just jump on and off a bus at popular tourists stops! You can jump off the bus at any of the locations and just hop back on like every 45 was a heavens send.

We caught the bus right outside Times Square..first drive by was Carnegie Hall..which was having some building repairs done to it.


Times Square! I guess to have a business in Times Square you are required to have a certain amount of advertisements posted on your business...I guess like little pieces of flare

Believe me I was freezing right here...I decided to sit OUTSIDE the covered plexi glass area of the bus cause...well better photo ops.

So much action down here!

I was trying to get a good shot of me with the times square in the background... Oh and this is a close up of what you may look like after a red eye flight with only 3 hours of sleep..lord help me.

Bye Bye Times Square...I will see ya later!

Thee ol Paramount!

They still had the Waterford Crystal ball from New Years up! The pole it comes down is a lot shorter then it looks on the telly

Umm yeah..I am a huge Project Runway fan and Hello..PARSON'S!! Now where is mood???

This is the Macy's is 11 stories!! Can you imagine it...11 floors of department store..Unreal! The Star on the Macy's logo was actually after the Tattoo on the hand of the founder Rowland Macy..after his death the business was bought by a man named Straus that ended up sinking with the titanic.
It must get hard trying to choose where to eat in New York seriously.... Madison Square's not square at all..I was surprised
This is one HUGE post office!
The empire state building is much to massive to take a photo of up close so I took this before we caught up to it. Apparently people from all over the world come to the empire state building to jump to their of my co workers actually told me when she was working there someone did and landed on the ledge of the story she worked on...I know Gruesome!
One of just MANY old churches in New York..
Lots of museums in New York...this one really caught my eye...especially now that a new Aphrodisiac cafe has been built!
A fun Sex and The City fact...This is the park where poor Charlotte's Elizabeth Taylor gets humped by a bunch of ol mangy mutts. Very nice dog park!
This clock is actually larger then Big Ben in London!
They explained on the tour why the buildings still have water towers on them but I don't remember...I think I was too distracted by my numbing feet that I really could not feel anymore. I was getting scared.
The original Macy's Store

What is this ..NYPD in Riot Gear??

Now arriving Greenwich village..aka in my opinion the coolest part of Manhattan!
All these tiles were hand painted and hung up in Homage to the USA and how we will always stand strong no matter what strikes
The funny thing about Greenwich Village is all the streets are angled funny..I bet it is really easy to just find yourself walking in circles here.
So many interesting places here...this reads {a restaurant and social club for explorers and Mad scientists}.....Yes Please!
Lots of cool record shops and arts and crafts stores...kinda reminds me of San Francisco in a lot of ways
If your into Seinfeld then you may remember the episode with the Soup Nazi..
So many cool little dive bars out here too and the drinks are so much more less expensive..where in the heart of Manhattan where we stayed the drinks were no less then 5bucks!
I really tried to take a photo of this is the only outdoor Picasso!
Now arriving..SOHO!
SOHO art....I don't get it.........

SO many old buildings...I like the rippled effect of this one
This is near ground zero. In the background is the new tower being built where one of the twin towers stood. Next blog will be more about be continued.


Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

11 stories! When I was in Seattle their Macy's was 6 and I thought that was big! Did you find Mood? I would have been all over that!!!

John and Kirsten said...

I think the DD bus is the way to go on limited time - you definately got the birds eye view of the city. You are a dedicated photog....on the top in the freezing cold - brrr!

Thelma said...

Haha! I just saw the episode of Seinfeld about the Soup Nazi!! So funny you found that place! God I love New York!