Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just a Few rounds at Knott's

This morning we decided to go to Knott's for a couple hours cause tonight Gabe and I have a formal to go to at the Mason's Lodge later.
Our family loves to have fun and do stuff together on the weekends ..we will probably go back to Knott's tomorrow too!

Started off at Camp Snoopy..of course the red baron is the must first ride in the Camp to go on. Ava got the cool plane with Targets...she just went in circle on the bottom since she does not know how tho pull the stick back to make the plane fly...she does not seem to be too amused with this ride
Parker wanted to go on the Red Baron! I think he is just about Too big to go on this pretty soon
While Parker and Gabe explored the waterfall caverns Ava wanted to watch the homing Pigeons!
She just loves all animals!
We went on a few rides in Camp Snoopy. We rode the little roller coaster..which every time it would end Ava would cry cause she wanted it to keep going...we also did the little school bus and I was cracking up at Ava's face when it would drop she would smile when it would go up and her mouth would pull back when it would funny..she cried too after it was over..she just did not want to get off the rides. Parker and Gabe went on Lucy's tugboat..Ava was not big enough for this one so while Parker and Gabe went on this together ..Ava and i went to the candy shop where each kid got a rock candy loli and I bought a bag of sour balls for Gabe and I.
They had this little scrambler ride called the log cutter ..Parker was too big to go on it but AVA was in pure excitement for it. Here she is in motion with her Rock Candy Loli as her partner in crime.
She was all smiles the whole ride
Ride almost over..time to take in some sweet candy did prevent her from crying when the ride stopped.
Gabe took the kids on the little truck was our last ride in Camp Snoopy then we split up in Fiesta Village..where Parker and I went on Jaguar and Gabe took Ava on the Merry Go Round.

We headed to Ghost Town and Checked out the ol cemetery then Parker and I went on the Pony Express Roller Coaster..LOVE THAT RIDE!
It was almost time for us to leave so we could take advantage of the Free Parking! So a quick Trip on the Knott's Berry Farm Train. Ava's face was Covered in dried up sugar so I went from Color photos to Sepia.besides they have a old west feel to them any way.
Parker and I even got a picture on the train.
I think this quick trip at Knott's earned a HIGH FIVE from Ava...excited to go back tomorrow!

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Thelma said...

Thats good you guys are taking full advantage of your passes! Ava and Parker look like they're having the time of their lives!