Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lakewood Village Little League Bat Off

Well it has been a while since I posted and I really was just not going to post anymore cause I logged on and they changed everything...I hate change buit I thought I would protest no more and start posting up some of the things I been up too. Like this past Saturday Parker had a Bat Off for baseball.

Basically all the Lakewood Village badeball teams had a fun little event. Basically all the teams got together and got 4 chances to Hit a baseball that was on a T out intop the field and try to rack up ticket points. So each area of the diamond was worth x amount of point. after their 4 balls they got tickets that they could put in raffle boxes for prizes. Along with that they had food, activities and My fave..SNOWCONES!!

 While Parker was sitting with his team waiting fortheir turn to Bat Ava and I got snowcones! She got Watermelon
 and I got Fruit Punch
 Parker going to Bat!!
 Only thing she cared about was the snowcone.
 Parker batting..he did a couple good hits
 Now to fill out his tickets
 and select some prizes he wanted to put his ticket in for
 He put most of his tickets in the 25.00 cash box...Oh and game stop ofcourse
 and afterwards he went to get his free snowcone
 It was a really Hot and Sunny day
 Then Ava wanted more ice cream when she saw the ice cream cart go by but she had already had a snowcone...I took a picture of her crying and then showed it to her..she HATES seeing photos of herself crying
 Time to call out the raffle
 Look at all the boys!!
 Parker didn't win anything but he did get a Free T shirt at least!
 Time to head on home
But first not without some Snack bar Nachos!

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