Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just Another day at Disneyland

So Gabe had to work on Memorial day and Parker hung out with uncle Alex so I decided to take Ava to Disneyland. I expected it to be insane but really it was not that bad. We were going to meet friends later at the park. I didn't bring my camera cause I left it at work over the weekend and my phone was dying so I only got a few photos.

 First thing we did was take a trip on the train over to toon town. Ava's new favorite show has been the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I wanted her to see all her favorite characters. We went also on the cartoon Spin ride which she has never been on before. She liked it.
 After Cartoon Spin we went to Minnie Mouse House to take a picture of Minnie Mouse...she was Super excited when Minnie would walk by but when it came time to stand next to the characters she was a little intimidated as you can see.
 She loved playing in the house though
 Then we went to visit Mickey...she was not to sure about him either...hmm maybe 3 will be a charm??
 We went and watched the Princess show. She had so much fun running around and dancing
 LOL She got a little nervous when she realized I was sitting on the bleachers but went back to playing when I showed her I was right there watching her
 The Princesses
 She did not really grasp the concept of the maypole
Oh Goofy!! So was the third time the charm?? NOPE ...she was a little afraid of him too. Anyway after this photo our friends were all down and we went to Trader Sams for a quick drink to all meet up then we all went in the park and took the kids to go on some rides. It was a GREAT day! I am thinking I may need to go back this weekend...

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Thelma said...

awww Ava looked so cute in her outfit! she was intimidated..poor thing. At least she didnt freak out and cry.