Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just a casual day with a little luck

A couple weekends ago Gabe and I and Ava decided to wake up early and head out to get some breakfast. We decided to check out this old diner we always drive by called HUFFS. When we were on our way to Huffs we drive pass a yard sale and then saw another one and another one. I then realized that neighborhood was having block sales. Now I am a fan of junk collecting..or for better words .TREASURE HUNTING.
Luckily for me My husband is the same way so we made a detour to breakfast and checked out some of the yard sales. In the middle of the neighborhood was this BRIGHT TEAL mid century ranch house and a very old couple sitting with a couple of fold out tables and boxes. I knew THEY MUST have something I would like and Boy did they!

I first walked up and saw that they mainly had old vintage Christmas decor out. Nothing so vintage in the style I prefer but still some cute items. As I was talking to the I noticed they have a few large boxes behind them not out on display filled with vintage material. Upon closer inspection I realized ..wait those are clothes and some look vintage. I asked if the clothes were for sale and when they said yes and told me for how much I asked hoe much for everything and they gave me it for a STEAL!!!
Anyway there is some really great stuff in there but so sad for me most of the clothes were sizes 1-3. I am a size 9. So tonight They will ALL be going on Ebay. I got them for a excellent price so I am going to be listing them for really cheap. I will be totally satisfied if I got ten bucks for each one. I am also going to be offering free shipping on them. Of course there are some very special pieces that will go for more.

 Any old diner I come across with an old sign like this I must pay a visit to
 Afterwards I stopped by the mall to pick up some Face stuff from Macy's and Detergent and Shampoo from Victoria Secret ( LOVE LOVE LOVE Victoria Secret detergent and shampoos)  I got Ava a cookie too for being a good girl.
 Oh I thought I would throw this in today's entry as well. Parker's Mother's Day gift to me. It was a nicely decorated box with some charms to add decoration to it
with a home made card and a baggie of home made Lavender Bath salts.
I just love my Parker.

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