Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day Hike

I had such a fabulous Mother's day on Sunday. My husband had to work so it was just the kids and I.
We ended up having a full day!
My mom and dad and brother all came over and my mom packed up some sandwiches and grapes and we all headed over to the nature center to walk the 2 mile trail.
It was such a perfect day for hiking too. I really need to do this more often.
My mom and Ava
Before we went on the trail we inside the center and let the kids look around for a little bit. Ava was having fun touching the bones and antlers
We headed out to go for our walk. I was a little worried how Ava was gonna do. It was her first hike. Before you hit the trails they have a big bunch of sticks for people to use for walking sticks. My mom picked one out for herself to use and Ava even found a little one for herself.
crossing the second bridge to the trails..they have so many red ear sliders. Ava loved the turtles!
Ava crossing the bridge.
Along the trail there was this log that looked like a little chair. My dad wanted her to sit on it so he could take a picture. When she got up she acted like she was pulling down the handle and made a WHOOOOOSH noise...I guess it did look more like a little toilet.
Parker and Alex leading the way. Right after this picture you saw them both running down the hill.
Lots of leaves..I love the smell of many fragrant flowers at bloom and the wood of the trees.
Hey little fella!
Alex in front of this cactus that were covered in spider webs
We walked by this lizard and he was doing push ups then all of a sudden he charged something..we were like OO looks like he caught a bug..I could not see that well so I did ZOOM on my camera and took a picture...yep! He sure did catch something.
                                           Ava and My mom looking into the stream from another bridge
and Parker took a seat on this rock for a little bit
then watched the fish in the stream
down the path!
                                           taking a break in the trees...looks relaxing but I was more concerned about a spider climbing on me                                    
I love this photo
Ava was making me nervous following Parker on these rocks
                                                       I love ducks.                
He was racing over to us
What a great spot for a picture!
These flowers were SO HUGE in person and they looked like Paper...I want a whole garden of them.
My Mother's day photo with me and the kids my mom took.

I have not been on this trail for quite sometime. I love all the new flowers.
Cool old Shedding tree..
Parker holds Ava's hand through the dark forest
 Grandma,mom and daughter
 Mr. cool guy over here
 I was impressed that Ava walked the full two miles! Towards the end she was saying I'm tired but still walked. We rested up a little and spent more time in the center after our hike. Ava looked at all the bugs..her fave
 and played with the pine cones
 There was some HUGE pine cones
 Played in the touch and play drawers
 and read books on the bean bags
                                                       Look at that face...that is one tired little girl.
The fun was not over yet stop ..neighborhood carnival!                                    


Jessie said...

Looks like a beautiful place!

Thelma said...

wow you guys took so many great pics here! what a nice mothers day:)