Monday, May 14, 2012


This past Friday a few of us went off to Hollywood Park for their Friday night Concert series that was kicking off with DEVO! I have seen DEVO TONS of times...I think this was the BEST one yet!
Before 8:30 it is only 10 bucks to get in and see the show.
We brought our own road sodas and watched a few horse races and talked with other friends that were at the concert.

Gabe and I caravan with Toni, My brother and His friend Olga. Here we are mingling and checking out some races. Toni's cousin David, Toni and I.
 We went up to the front of the stage so we could have a nice view we are before the show started. I was excited to know that my brother was finally at his first DEVO show. He was going crazy in the PIT along with Toni's cousin David. We saw at one point David being crowd surfed but then ended up on his back when no one caught him at the front.
 Of course they played their current album stuff (which I love) along with the Hits
 So some of the highlights..besides being caught up in the Mosh pit of the show and pushing the people moshing back in the pit, was Mark taking Pita breads out of his shorts and throwing them out like Frisbees into the crowd, Than Mark coming out like BooJi Boy to sing Beautiful World and throwing a whole Box of Red Velvet Cupcakes into the crowd which splattered everywhere. He than opened his fanny pack and started bouncing super Balls off the stage into the crowd.
Lucky for me the person in front of me got the brunt of the cupcake and I scored 2 Super balls from Devo!!! Such a friggen blast. Don't ever miss this band! They are so much fun.

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