Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Growing Nest

Over the weekend Lisa threw Amber a baby shower for their new addition that will be arriving next month. The Theme was the growing nest. My cousin amber has a 16 year old daughter and a 4 year old son and they are expecting a girl. She will be Named Sofie!
Check out this really awesome cake!!! I did not have any (watching my weight) Everything on it was edible..even the little safety pins!

 Cake Pops as well!! I did not indulge in those either :/
 I did eat a nice plate of baked Ziti and salad though with a glass of red wine and mingled with the crowd. Michael Burns..why must you always have a sneer?
 There were fun games being played and lots of laughs. They had the living room set up like a play zone. Ava I don't think ever left it!
 Soon though the kids started to merge by the pool. What a fantastic view from this house by the way. Over looks the whole city!
 They had all the guys do a race on who can diaper and dress baby the fastest. My other cousin Candice boyfriend Layne won.

 The guys all busted out cigars after awhile
 Cute birdcage to put cards in
 Love the gift tree. Lots of cute baby things hanging from it.
 and Lots of presents!!

Amber got a lot of great items. I can;t wait to meet this new little bundle!!

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Thelma said...

how nice! and that cake is amazing looking!