Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dinner At The Magic Castle

This past Saturday Gabe and I had reservations with friends for Dinner at The Magic Castle in Hollywood. We also booked a Seance in the Harry Houdini Seance room as well for after dinner.

We met up with our friends Loryn and Rhea at The frolic room first before heading over to meet up with everyone else at the Magic Castle
 I have never been before Hence it being a private club and the only way in is by coming with a member. The magic castle I believe was established in the 1960's but the Mansion was built 1909.
 There are 5 bars included in this bar as well as a few theaters where you will see magic acts and the Seance Room. We were to meet the rest of our party at the Hat n Hare pub in the basement.
 When we get in we have to check in at the front desk and then give the secret password to the owl on the bookshelf to be allowed access. The first room looks like a library. I could tell the moment I got there I was going to ADORE this place. The smell was so vintage. As we walked through the opening bookcases and into the castle you could hear Irma the Invisible ghost piano player playing the Piano in the grand bar. It was packed!! Everyone was in their  fancy cocktails dresses or gowns and men in dapper suits all with cocktails in hand. Tim Burton was there as well. I hear a lot of celebs attend this private club and also sometimes perform their own magic in the theaters.
 When we got in we saw half our group of friends having drinks in the grand room then our other friends who invited us came up to greet us. We all had a drink and then walked around a little bit to check out the castle  then to see a act in the close up room. This theater looks a lot like the close up theater but MUCH smaller...Like the size of my living room but decorated with LUSH red velvet curtains and intricate artwork.

 Before the show started we went outside for a photo since photos are not permitted inside. There were 12 of us altogether
                                                                    The LED lighting      
 After our first show we got to watch and WOW it was pretty amazing we were ready for our dinner reservations which were at 9:45. I ordered a Beef Wellington with prior lobster bisque and on the side lobster mac n cheese...heavenly! One thing we splurge on that my husband and i see eye to eye on is dining out...when we dine ..WE DINE!

 After diner we went to see another show and it was fantastic!!! By the time that show was over it was time for our Seance which was at Midnight! Of course the Seance was a not like a REAL Seance. It was almost like a ride. So entertaining and we were all laughing having a blast. It was so nice of our member friends to also get us each a commemorative Harry Houdini collectors Silver coin from the Magic Castle and we were also offered to come back anytime! I know Gabe and I will Definitely come back!! We are actually considering becoming members ourselves.

 After the seance we went down to the basement for a quick look at things. Down there they have the Model of the Dancing ghost in the dining room from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion and a Haunted Mansion sign. It was the model from what they wanted to do for the Real thing...SO AWESOME
                                                    Also even though it was closed we went and checked out the Hat n Hare pub..which had all these cabinets full of white rabbits displayed. There is so much history here at the Magic Castle and it is just AMAZING!! Looking forward to coming back real soon!!


John Cox said...

Glad you enjoyed your time at the Castle. And thanks for contacting Harry. Finally! ;)

Thelma said...

wow that place looks sooo friggin cool.