Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Supper Club

I will say it until my last breath..I LOVE FOOD AND WINE!
My husband and I always try to at least once a month take time away from the kids and go somewhere really special to dine and when I say Dine I mean the works..full course meals with cocktails and wine , savoring our food in a elegant or original fun atmosphere.
I have my favorites of course.. Park Ave, The Dal Rae even Gabe's restaurant is pretty Swanky!

 There are so SO many restaurants I have yet to try but been dying to go too.
Of course a quiet intimate dinner with the husband is not a bad thing and we do enjoy those from time to time but we REALLY love it when we have friends that could come and Join us!

I mean after all a bottle of wine is to be shared among friends.
 We have LOTS of foodie friends and so we thought about starting a Supper Club with a few select friends of course.  I think it would be AWESOME to have a group of friends check out a new place once a month. I would have to get a few that are keen on this idea and see if anyone wants to start it with me.
I would most be interested in places with a Theme, From the Mid century or have a Significant history, Have live lounge acts or shows, Interactive, Dinner theater, Unique...this list could go on forever!
Maybe sometimes it does not even have to be dinner..maybe one day it could be a brunch. I could offer a quarterly Wine and Food Pairing parties ( which are widely infamous if you never been to one yet).
I think with the supper club everyone can take turns choosing a place...I would definitely have to start up a personal facebook page just for members...Anyway it is fun playing with the thought..speaking of May 23rd is next Wine Dinner at Park Ave!!

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