Monday, May 7, 2012

A very Tiki Cinco De Mayo

I pretty much spent my cinco de mayo forst hanging at home with chips and Salsa and margaritas with a couple friends. Gabe had to work but one of my fave bands to see live THEE SWANK BASTARDS from Las Vegas were playing at Don the Beachcombers so My brother and I and my friend Toni decided to spend Cinco De Mayo in a tropical tiki atmosphere. Gabe had to work but was going to pick me up after work so I had a designated driver thankfully.

 They had some 5 dollar drink specials and so we all ordered the QB Runner which is like a Limey Mai Tai...I figure it is basically like a Tiki Margarita
 .First one and 3 more to go...
 Cheers!! Now let's listen to some Surf!
 They did not have Pandora doing the Hula Hoop...she will be at Tiki O though...My brother was certainly disappointed.
 Jesse Rockin it with his Sombrero
 At Don's you can rent a spot to keep your tiki mug so everytime you come down to drink they will serve your drinks in your very own tiki mug. I thought about renting a space some time ago but I just don't go there as often as I would like!
 Jamming with the guitar behind his back
 Don Parrot
 Sean the Bass player playing on the table tops
 and telling very bad jokes
 I forget what round this was..however Toni kept collecting all the mints..
She had a whole glass full of was very fragrant!
We did not even get home til about 2am.
Anyway I highly recommend for everyone to come see them perform again at Don's on June 8th! One quick taste of them before seeing them at Tiki O!!!

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