Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day Fun in the Sun

After our Nature Hike  ( on previous Post) we headed over to the Mayfair Park Carnival.
This carnival for years has always been on Mother's day weekend and my parents used to take me every year. I have so many different memories of this particular event. I feel so fortunate that I can now share this event with children of my own.

 After we looked at the craft fair and booths and got some refreshments we walked over to the rides.
Ava went on the merry go round. Let me tell you ..this was the most run down beat up merry go round I have EVER SEEN.  I did not want to go on it so my dad went with her.
 She liked it
 They had all the barf rides this spin ride, the hammerhead, the zipper, tilt a whirl, and 3 different Ferris wheels.
 I just cannot do carnival rides...they always look so rickety and unstable. However I do take part in eating Cotton candy and ice creams and playing the games where you shoot water in the clowns mouth to win a prize...I am pretty good at that one!
 Parker went on the BIG Slide.
 and this Hang Glider seat ride that spins around ..while Ava and I played a carnival game

 I like how he was just lounging around. After I got back with playing games with Ava my brother and parents left
 We stayed to have an ice cream and play a couple more carnival games...both kids won prizes too which was nice!
 of course as we headed out the kids really wanted to stop and play on the playground at the park. So I sat in the shade and let them play.

 Both kids had never been on a tire swing so I had them sit together as I pushed them around like crazy on the swing..they were laughing and having a blast..we did this for like 10 min...I was baking in the a matter of fact I was baking in the sun ALL DAY and bad me drank NO WATER all day either...The kids were well hydrated though.

after the Nature walk, the carnival, the playground and prior to all that me taking my husband to work which was like a hour and a half back and forth in traffic I was BEAT DOWN and did not feel well ( heat stroked) and had major dizziness and just lied in bed watching the finale of survivor with Otter pops. Ava crashed out a 6pm and slept though the whole night.
What a busy busy Mother's day but really one of the best ones yet!

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Thelma said...

man you guys did a lot!! yeah those carnival rides freak me out, i cant believe some of them we used to go on!