Monday, May 21, 2012

Girls Trip Wine tasting..Part one

Saturday Morning 8am...Jen,Thelma and Toni came by to my house to start our much waited for Girls getaway to Solvang. We been trying to get this going for a long time and FINALLY the day arrived.
One thing about us gals...we just have to always have some sort of getaway planned along with girls night. I find a girls night is So important to have and I cherish each girls night or weekend getaway that I can get!

The 4 of us ventured out..with a few mixed Cd's to abide our time.

 We got into Solvang around 11:30am and luckily enough for us we were able to check into our rooms early at the Solvang Inn & Cottages. They have these fun little Tourist photo op booths to take advantage of and yep..we had to do it!
 Once we checked in our room we walked across the street over to Paula's pancake house for a late breakfast. I had the eggs fave.
 The 4 of us after lunched piled up into the car and headed over to Fess Parker. I always thought it was closer but it was quite the journey... beautiful nonetheless
 The first wine tasting spot. I have to say I usually like Fess Parker but I was not to impresses this time around
 Bright light in the back ground
 Here's my bottle...
 Bigger is Better!!

After our wine tasting we walked the grounds of Fess Parker a bit then headed to Foxen for wine tasting...which I am mad that I did not do any photos there!! There was so many beautiful photo ops.
 After wine tasting at Foxen we headed to town because Mary was to be arriving. Her train was suppose to be there at 12:35 from San Diego but got really delayed because a man decided to jumped in front of the train that morning. We knew that she would be ready for a drink!
 Doing Wine tasting at Presidio. You know I am surprise I never became a member..I always enjoy their wines!
 After Presidio we walked to drop off Mary's bags at the room. We had in the rooms some wine,cheese,salad,crackers, dip, chocolates..a whole spread of stuff but we wanted to head over to the Vin Haus to buy some more stuff so we all left to walk town..ofcourse we stopped by a few Tasting rooms along the way and did tastings at Lucas & Llewellyn , cheese shop, than Sort This out Cellars.
Back at the Room we indulged in foods and wine.
Later we went back out cause there was live music playing at the Wandering Dog..which we walked in and saw some Emo dude playing Sad songs so walked right back out and then went to Sort this out Cellars where a band called the Rawhides were playing and Had wine Cocktails.We were there til close to midnite and decided maybe we should stumble off back to the room...where we all thought what a Great idea it would be to sneak in a Late night Soak in the hot tub...BY HOPPING THE FENCE to get to it. We relaxed in there and after a few minutes I realized we looked all like we were about to fall asleep so Back out and over the fence we went to go to the room..which WE ran to and all of us in our bathing suits jumped in the shower to warm up cause we were freezing..Of course that is after I had to Bend my key back into Key shape to open the door to even get inside...I should have taken a picture of that..I never seen a key so bent out of shape in my life..still do not know how that happened.
Pretty shortly we all just crashed out ..of course it was not surprising the next morning when we all woke up moaning and groaning with cuts, splinters and bruises all over ourselves. TO BE CONT..


Thelma said...

hahahaha! it was so fun! that bent key was a riot, my stomach was hurting i laughed so hard.

Corey Glenn said...

You gals obviously had a blast on your weekend getaway, especially with the wine tasting, eh? LOL! Oh, and do they really sell bottles of wine as humungous as that one? So, are you ladies up for another wine tasting adventure this year? If you are, keep us updated, and I hope you'll take as many photos of your journey that you can share with us. Cheers!

Corey Glenn