Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Champagne and Desserts

Last Friday I treated my friend Thelma out for her birthday to POP. Pop is a champagne and dessert bar in Pasadena that we both always wanted to try.

 It is recommended to make a reservation but we walked in and got lucky and got a table.
 The bar was very nice with champagne bottles and chandeliers and Orchids adorning the Glittered Granite table tops.
 We got there in time for happy hour so we quickly ordered the POP Royale..which is pretty much the Kir Royle..which is Champagne and Creme de Cassis ( the cheaper version of Chambord). Chambord or Creme de Cassis is like a blackcurrent liqour..very rich and sweet
 We chatted and listen to the music and checked out the decor of the place over our champagne cocktails

 We of course ordered dessert as well. I had the afternoon delight which was a was a Baked Meringue with berries , vanila creme and a raspberry sauce , creme brulee and a chocolate dipped strawberry. Thelma ordered this berry cobbler with ice cream on top. Next time though I am going for the Meyer Lemon Tart served with Basil ice cream and chantilly cream!
 Moi! We were talking about how we felt like Marie Antoinette indulging ourselves in sweets
 We had another round of champagne cocktails..this time Thelma decided to have a Bellini and I thought I would try out the Almond Joy..which was ..once again Champagne with a Almond liquor and a sugar cube...BLECHHH I hated it...but I drank was much too sweet and smelled yucky
                                                                     We had one more round ...a hibiscus and champagne ..I made these once before at my very first wine and food pairing party (click the bold type to go to my first blog). It was delicious. It's champagne with a little hibiscus flower syrup and a hibiscus flower in the glass. The flower taste like a fruit roll up.               
                                                                          Thelma and I before we headed on the road. we could not let the night end so a matter of fact when we left it was not even dark out so we went closer back to home and had some laughs and rounds over at the New Wave bar. They had a horrible 80's cover band playing..however the more I drank the better they seemed to have got.

Anyways Happy Birthday Thelma!!!         

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Thelma said...

oh man I had a lot of fun that night! The pics came out so good too!