Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Field trip to JPL

I always loved school field trips. I think one of my favorite parts...well besides doing classwork all day was riding on the bumby school buses to the destination.
 When Gabe mentioned to me that Parker's school was having a family field trip to Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory We jumped on board on going to the trip!
 We had to arrive with all our permission slips at 8am to the school parking lot. We hitched a ride with our neighbor Sal cause he was dropping off his daughter and son to the school as well to go on the field trip.
 Ava sat with me and she was just FULL of smiles. She LOVED the school bus!
 Gabe and Parker sat across from us. The bus ride was fun as I remembered. Every little bump in the road set the bus on a amusement bumpy experience. The kids would all laugh every time it jumped.
 We finally got to our destination. JPL only has a open house to the public for free one weekend a year so as you can figure out it was PACKED!
 First stop was Mission Control
 So cool
 There were so many cool pictures of the planets

 We got to see some space craft at work

 And the kids got to play rocks on Mars and let e remote control model run them over...
 Parker is on one end and you can see Ava in the other

 We walked around..everywhere was like a long line to get in
 after awhile we stopped for a snack..Parker got a Ice cream cone
 and Ava wanted a Churro..which by the way I am never buying for her again...all she did was lick the sugar off....

 Then we went to have a 3-d picture of us done on Mars
 If you have 3-d glasses laying around take a look at these next few photos with them on . Pretty cool

 Then we looked at some models

 Ava had fun seeing herself on TV

We walked around for hours waiting in lines..Parker was So ready to go home. At 2pm everyone met back up at the school buses and back home we all went. It was a nice field trip. The kids got bored with it quickly though and I was just ready to relax after the long night out the previous night at the Magic Castle and the night before drinking mass amounts of wine with the gals. The rest of the day we relaxed at home and took it easy.

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Thelma said...

Very cool, especially getting run over by that remote control car!