Monday, June 11, 2012

Addams Family..The Musical

Last Friday Gabe and I went to meet up with Roland and Jen to go see The Addams Family musical. It is only here for 2 weeks and I been waiting for MONTHS for it to finally come here. I knew it would not be cheap but I just had to go.

 We got to the Pantages Theater where there were limo's lined up, women in gowns and men in suits.

 Since we got there a little early we to the Frolic room for a cocktail. I just love these walls
 and the ceiling lamps!
 The show was SO MUCH FUN! I loved everything about it! The story line was great, the stage set was so amazing ...very Tim Burton Esque. I was laughing so much! I wish I could see it again!
 Roland and Jen I think enjoyed it too.
 The show started at 8pm and ended around 10:30.  After The Addams family we headed over to the Magic Castle to meet up with our member friends for some magic shows and cocktails.
 We brought Roland and Jen with us. We got to sit with a lot of magicians. It was such a blast. Can't wait to go back!
 Gabe and I are actually considering becoming members now.
We were there until it closed and then it was back home after our magical and musical night in Hollywood!

We got invitation passes for up to 8 people to do the family brunch! Can't wait to take Parker ..he is going to LOVE IT!


Jessie said...

That show does look like it's good. It's actually showing in Denver, CO! Glad you got to go!

Thelma said...

looks like fun Iris!