Wednesday, June 20, 2012

La Palma Chicken Pie Shop

I have been dying to check out this ol Chicken Pot Pie shop forever and finally this past Saturday I got to go! Anyone who knows me know I am a HUGE lover of Old Mid century Diners and Dives. I am also a Huge Lover of Chicken Pot Pie.
A lot of pot pie lovers love the pies without veggies but me personally I love the veggies! The pies here contain NO VEGGIES!

 Check out the old Neon! It works too...looks much better at night when it is turned on. The pie shop was opened in 1955. The year my dad was born, The year Disneyland opened and as my husband would say the Year the Dodgers won the World Series...or something like that..
 The building of course is this sort of ranch house style but on the corner adjacent to a little strip mall..a bit unusual but still cool nonetheless
 It was like a ghost town in the place. I don't think too many people go...well at least the time we went. There was ceramic chickens and roosters EVERYWHERE! Check out the old register and that clock!
 When you first walk in you are greeted by many tempting cakes and pastries for amazing prices.
 It was really a bakery can order from Pies to cakes to cookies to danish to eclairs and cream puffs etc.....
 They also have soups and potato salad and other sides to order. I think this lady is the owner or manager. When we went there she let us know that they would be closed until the 14th of July cause they were going on vacation! hmmmm I wonder what they did with all those cakes....
 Here are some pictures of the dining room..Check out the oil rain lamp in the corner!
 Dig these chairs!
 I like the structure of the zig zag window seats
 and the stone walls
 Ava..she and Parker enjoyed themselves. There was probably 4 tables in the whole joint including us. Lots of regulars.
 Big booth full of chickens
 The menu..
 I ordered the chicken Pot Pie Lunch..I had cole slaw, chicken pot pie, mashed potato's. Ok so the pot pie I ate all of it. It is just filled with chicken and gravy, the mashed potatoes I think were instant ( i despise instant mashed) I had some cole slaw too which that was pretty good.
 Gabe had a Reuben which he enjoyed
 See how cheap the items are!!!
 There was no one sitting at the counter ...but check out the old Soda Jerk machine...the lady told us it does not work but would be awesome if they served real Malts and Shakes
 After lunch of course we ordered dessert..Well Gabe did ..I took a Delicious!
 Ava and Parker got chocolate pudding
On the way out we stopped to purchase a couple eclairs to take home for later. I love this patio area.
Anyway this place is not too far from Disneyland and I am thinking this will be a good place to eat before going into the park. It gets you nice and full and it's cheap and personally I LOVE it. It is seriously a blast from the Past!


Thelma said...

got to go there. MMM MMM. ha! I would actually prefer my pot pie with No veggies.

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