Friday, June 29, 2012

Just Checking IN!

I have not blogged in awhile cause I just been too busy to get to it. Anyways nothing too much new happening besides trying to enjoy the summer!
I been signing the kids up for Summertime classes and we have a lot of trips planned for July and August so we been kind of hanging low on the weekends just cleaning the house and organizing and last weekend we had a yard sale. I been working in the planters as well to put in some new flowers.

 Last weekend on Sunday we took the kids to Disneyland to finally see the new Carsland. Parker and I waited for almost two hours to go on the cars ride which was Way cool ( the ride that is..waiting in line SUCKED!)
 Ava and I started swim school this week. So far she has been Loving every second of it. We go 5 times a week. There is about 10 kids in the class with her. It's a mommy and me class so I get to enjoy it with her as well. We are taking the classes at Mayfair Aquatic center..same place I toom my lessons when I was a child.
 So far she has been pretty fearless with the pool. She jumps off the side, kicks her legs and paddles her arms and starting to go under water! She does not like going under water too much though..after a couple times she is Done with it.
 This week I also was super Stoked to find my first Birchbox delivery! For those of you that do not know Birchbox is I highly suggest you gals check it out...or men cause they offer subscriptions for both. Basically I pay 10.00 bucks a month and get newsletters and special offers on beauty and bath and spa products. Every month you get delivered to you a box full of fun beauty products to out. You than can shop for them ( some at a discount) online. Leave mea comment with your email addy and I will send you an invite!
 In this months (June) Birchbox I opened it up and saw these really cool cynthia Rowley Band Aids which sell 15.00 a Box and limited edition, a Borghese Face Bar of soap...
and in the tissue paper Little bronzer, lip and cheek stain and a Bvlgari Perfume _which I really am digging_  I think this was for sure worth the 10.00 dollar a month subscripton, Heck maybe  I will be introduced to some fantastic products as well I never used! Anyway I suggest joining..give yourself a treat...There is a waiting list however before you can join. I have a handful of gal pals who also are members of Birchbox and a handful who want to join based upon my experiance with it...Looks like they will be joining as well! I find if your invited by a member you don't have to wait as long.

Anyway This is one of my last laid back weekends and Then the madness of family vacations begins. I will keep you all posted...Happy Summer everyone!!


Thelma said...

I think it's so cool that Ava is learning how to swim.
I can't wait to get my BirchBox acceptance too!

Jessie said...

The BirchBox seems really cool. I like those Band-aids. LOL