Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A regular weekend

This past weekend we did not really do too much..but than again maybe we did do alot..

 My weekend started Thursday when we went to take out some colleagues from the New York office out for Apps and drinks at RA Sushi. I had a cali roll and some edemame and this cocktail called the dragonbite. It was so refreshing.
 Friday night we headed to Hollywood Park and met up with some friends and watched The Jesus and Mary Chain...they were OK...I never really been a HUGE fan of them. Some songs were performed better than others.
 Saturday we went and bought a new tent ( Family Cabin)  for our upcoming camping trip with friends in July and then headed over to La Palma Chicken Pie Shop which I have been DYING to check out.
 afterwards we went to the Place Gabe has been dying to check out...Hollan-American Market & Importing
 I believe this has been around for ever. They sell import foods. It reminded me a lot of Solvang. ou have the little danish lady behind the cheese and meat counter. The isles were filled of unusual foods and spices...and Black liqourice...why do they love it SO MUCH!
 We happen to be there on the First Catch Festival of Herring day.
 They had a booth in the back where they were serving fresh Herring that was imported from Holland. I forget the name of the festival but this herring was only available for this weekend.
 Gabe ofcourse Bought some and myself and the kids all tried it. It looks raw. I did not really care for it but Gabe LOVED it.  I bought some groceries from here such as cheeses, flavored syrups for home made sodas, some candy and mints and other odds and ends. Parker just LOVED the import store...he asked if we could come again. Afterwards we headed to cost plus to purchase some wines to go with our cheeses.
then we enjoyed a quiet evening filled with bossa nova and wine and cheese and candlelight then later watched a movie.

Father's day was this past Sunday and I made a big breakfast for Gabe and a Lunch for my dad and the rest of the family. It was a real nice quiet time at home. A not to shabby weekend I must say.

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