Thursday, June 7, 2012

End of the Season Ceremonies

Saturday was the Lakewood Village end of season ceremonies. All the little league teams all got together at the park an got to play on bounce houses and water slides and BBQ and potluck.

 Ava of course scarfing some food down
 Parker and some of his team mates
 They had a dj there
 All the kids mingled around and played
 Then all the teams had to go back to their spots and recicve their flags and trophies
 Parker was trying not to smile about his trophy...strange kid
 Then after the coach gave out the awards he brought another special surprise for the boys...a Ice Chest full of water balloons
 They were popping them in our area..until Gabe yelled to them ..GO GET THE RANGERS!!! ( which are the other team you see in the background)
 The boys were like YEAH!!! GET THE RANGERS and went on full attack mode bombing the other team and squirting them with squirt guns
 Soon the Rangers got some water balloons of their own and then the Mets came in to get i9n on the action
 Parker stalking..his soaker thing was the best..he got some kid coming after him with a balloon and shot him square between the eyes
 It was a full on water fight..they were having such a blast. I remember I had some pretty awesome water balloon fights in my day.
 Ava just watched and laughed but all she really wanted was a trophy of her own..she kept asking where was hers??
 I let her hold Parker's she was so happy
 Then she was like MINE MINE
I think she will be ready for some ball next season! Parker is not really into baseball it seems. Gabe wants to sign him up for Summer Baseball at the local park but Parker REALLY does not want to play again. Video games have ruined him for any outdoor activity. I guess we will see what happens.

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Thelma said...

Ava is ready for some sports!