Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hilaries Lil Cowboy Baby Shower!

This past Sunday Gabe and I hosted a Baby Shower along with Brandee and Brian for our good friends Jesse and Hilarie. Jesse and Hilarie are expecting their 2nd baby which is a BOY!!
They have a 4/5 year old daughter Allister.

 The Cake was a Huge Hit. There was nothing left of it.
 Brandee did a fantastic job decorating
 Love the Lemonade and Ice tea table
 Also she made a Wish list for people to leave special wishes to Baby London
 They hung on this really cool horseshoe rack that Brandees dad made
 Such an adorable sign!
 We put some hay bale's out
 There was LOTS of people and LOTS of food...Hi Julia and Sean!!
 Make a wish for baby
 The kids all got tattoos and Sheriff badges, bandannas, hats....and best of all Mustaches!
 Ava and Ally drawing
 OO a diaper cake!
 Mommy and Daddy and sister to be!
 Ava and April...Ava ...we weren't serving SEE FOOD you know...
 The kids had PLENTY of toys to play with
 Little Jack on the kiddie coaster! I swear thing I bought always leads to hours of fun for every kid that visits!
 Let's see them Mustaches little pardners!!!

 Parker looks like a villain...wonder why he wanted the tattoo on the neck...
 The kids had a BLAST doing Potato Sack races

 Time for Presents!! And Boy did they get A LOT!!! The kids all had fun opening them too, excited for her little brother!
The day was so festive and fun with lots of food,music,drinks,people and fun fun fun...
Hilarie is due in just a couple more weeks I wish them the best of luck and Cannot wait to welcome little London Sawyer to the world!


Thelma said...

OMG what a cute baby shower theme! And such a cute name for the baby...London Sawyer. I love it!

April Rodriguez said...

Ava is such a doll! She just came up to me while I was sitting and made herself at home on my lap. But everytime we posed for the camera she would open her mouth! I thought it was funny!

You and Brandee did a great thing for Hilarie. Thank you for inviting me <3