Monday, April 16, 2012

Flemings..a tasty treat!

I had to pick up Gabe from Work this past Friday..even though sometimes it is a pain in my arse to pick him up there are some great benefits to it as well.
While he was closing up his checks at his restaurant I got to hang out at the bar and have some free drinks. I had a Chanel champagne cocktail and a glass of red wine. Once Gabe was done he asked if I wanted to grab a bite to eat at The Flemings across the way cause they have a super happy hour so of course I said YES!
 They have a 5 cocktails for 5 bucks. I ordered this Limoncello Martini
 Gabe had Champagne
 Then he ordered the Prime Burger for 6 bucks!! Look how delicious that looks! I do not like blue cheese so If I ever order one it would be SANS blue cheese.  Gabe almost cried it was so good he told the waitress.
 I had these mushroom ravoli app..which was nice and light with tons of flavor
Oh and a glass of champagne to go with my apples and Baked Bree with Candied nuts

We sat out in the patio and watched the rain. It was very nice. I love when we can have a little time to ourselves sans kids!

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Thelma said...

5 drinks for 5 bucks? wow what a deal! and that burger looked mouth watering...mmm.