Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Cocktails which to do??

I just love the holidays when I get the opportunity to have friends over and swoon them over with food and drinks that are not only Delicious but stimulating to the eye.

I was researching some fun ideas for a Halloween cocktail and came across several recipes with some splendid photos of the showcased libations.

I need to pick one for a few girls that are coming over tomorrow night for a scary movie night.
This is the bleeding heart martini...beautiful isn't it??...however this is basically a BEET martini...blahhhh...I like beets in my salad but in my thank you. Anyways I am going to create a more favorable approach on this martini tomorrow night for my guest...I will be replacing the BEETS with Strawberries. I am thinking a vanilla vodka and some strawberry puree Homemade by yours truly and spike a big plump ripe sweet strawberry in the glass.
I just loved this hot apple cider...Bea nice fun tasty treat for the kids.
I love these Ice eyeballs! A good gentleman's drink
A hot Hard Apple Cider martini with a black sugar rim will be my second option.
One year for Halloween I made a black berry martini which came out BLACK was very tasty too...but I have to do something different this year.
The Possibilities are endless!


Thelma said...

Yeah, I've got my heart set on the bleeding heart martini!! That sounds so good Iris! Can't wait to join you tomorrow!

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Hello Iris,
thank you for visiting my blog! If that's a photo of you on your header, you look like you have your hands full!

Love the look of your MCM house!

Iris said...

Thanks for visiting! The photo in the header is not me Thankfully..I don't know what I would do with so many children.