Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Terrible Two's..HELP!!!

Ever since Ava turned two the terrible twos have started. The signs I have encountered so far.......

Example taking something from her death grip that she is not suppose to have and she runs a couple steps and launches herself to the floor kicking and screaming*

She destroys pretty much everything she possibly can!
Example any book she has is torn to shreds (we now only let her view Board books*, She colored with a red crayon her WHOLE dresser, She tore off all her Yo Gabbe Gabbe Wall decals ( we were able to save most of them)

*Hitting and Screaming*
If I take something away and luck out not to witness a tantrum she hits me and screams instead..but that is usually before the tantrum launch

*Throwing Food*
She is purposely now starting to throw her food and dump out her drinks cause it amuses her...we are almost at the point of not going out to eat anymore

*Getting into Everything*
She finds away to get into EVERYTHING! So far I found her in the bathroom and she pushed her little potty chair to the sink and opened all the drawers and cupboards and took EVERYTHING out and put them in the bathtub, Pantyliners were covered all over the floor(wrapped ones to clairfy), She had all our toothbrushes in her mouth and TP scattered all about...not to mention the pepto bismol tablets she was trying to EAT!
I am constantly reminding Parker and Gabe to keep the bathroom doors shut

I always know she is up to no good when she is quiet....here are some photos of me catching her in the act.
She was running around like crazy and got really silent. I went into Parker's room and she somehow found a lollipop and climbed up on parkers desk and was just sitting there eating it.
She was having a good ol time. Most of the time she finds markers or crayons and starts Drawing all over the walls, furniture, toys, books and herself!
Luckily we have washable writing utensils in the household and a huge supply of magic erasers that are truly magical! We learned about the wall drawings from back in Parker's toddler days.........all in all she is much more good then bad. The terrible two stage I am hoping goes by quickly and it only rears it's ugly head maybe once a day.
She is much more into Playing, and singing ( she LOVES Singing) and loves playing chase and hide with Parker. I guess it is time to put her in tumbling tots to use up all that energy!

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Thelma said...

no not Ava look at that sweet innocent face! she can do no harm. JK!! yeah I've seen it for myself, it's so cute and funny when she does it.