Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nice and Cozy with a side of Chili

I like to think of Fall as Chili season! I know a lot of people do chili in the summer time for chili cook offs and what not but seriously who wants to eat a hot steaming bowl of chili in the summer???

I been waiting for these cool rainy fall days for making chili. Last Sunday I made a huge pot of chili and it was so good! Parker said that my chili is his favorite food.
I added 4 different types of beans, stewed tomatoes,garlic,ground beef seasoned with a chili powder and other spices, corn,bell peppers, chili's from our garden and onions and I also add a little brown sugar for extra kick.
Each time I make chili I add things here and there and mix it up a bit.
But I always start my pot with a cup of butters and half a clove of chopped garlic and onion to melt down into the butter before adding all my ingredients.
Sometimes I add red wine, and sometimes I shave in dark chocolate.
I also make a really good vegetarian chili too with garbanzo beans,mini corn cobs, green beans amongst several other veggie items.
Once the chili was done we started to set up our dinners on the living room table so we could eat and watch our Netflix movie we rented. The chili was great with cheese and sour cream. We had some nice Blue moon beer to wash it down and while I was making the chili Gabe made cornbread muffins that were so moist and sweet. It was a nice cozy up evening....I can't wait for more nights of hot homemade food and movies with the hubby and kids all on the couch together especially with the sound of rain outside our window!

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Thelma said...

OMG that chili and cornbread and blue moon look so GOOD!! I want all that right now!