Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ava's Guardian friends

Yesterday at work we had a photographer come into our office to drop off a Motorcycle we had loaned him to do this southwestern trip all over the place shooting photos along his journey. He was out for a few weeks doing this little touring trip and so yesterday he came back to drop off the motorcycle. Check out his site sometime..awesome work he has there.

Anyway he was staying in studio City and attended this Legend of the Guardians event and gave Josh (my co worker and I) some cool items from the Movie event for our little ones.
It was a cool owl lunch bag and two Owl beenie babies. AVA just LOVED them.
She held on to these owls with a death grip the entire night! She has another little owl toy she was playing with all the time but he kinda got tossed to the side once the NEW owls came into the picture.
She eventually started mixing him up and played with all 3 owls. She was lining them up in a row in the lunch bag and telling them night night. All 3 owls slept with her last night. I bet they were the first thing she went looking for this morning too!

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