Friday, October 8, 2010

Cupcakes and little Helpers

I just love baking with my kids. I try and bake cookies,or brownies, cakes or cupcakes with them as often as I can. I always have a constant supply of cake mixes,brownies, frosting's..etc in my cupboards.
On Thursday night while I was waiting for the New Project Runway episode I checked with Parker to see if he wanted to make some cupcakes...of course the answer was yes...who can refuse cupcakes?!?!?

I let him stir up the batter.
I decided to spruce up the white cake with some puree peaches
Ava was having fun helping too
She loved licking the cake batter off the did Parker
After her taste of Batter she was clapping and saying YAYYYYY
We filled up 2 cupcake pans
Time to put them in the oven to cook..
I just love when the whole house smells like vanilla
I went back in the living room while the cupcakes bake and Ava was expecting to have a cupcake right then and there and I told her it had to cook still and she of course threw a tantrum
She kept throwing herself on the couch in anger cause the cupcakes weren't readily was quite a seen.
Finally they were ready and time to frost. We decided to frost with cream cheese frosting with rainbow chips.
Ava likes to lick ALL the frosting off first then eat the cake
She was so happy she finally got her cake.
Parker was really happy to have a cupcake too! Parker is a funny kid...he wanted me to call some friends over to share some cupcakes with us. He actually said Mommy, can you call Thelma or Ally and have them come over and eat some cupcakes with us. LOL He insisted that SOMEONE else must have cupcakes too. I ended up taking some to work for my co workers.
I still have a few left...hmmm well I am have one of those delicious cupcakes!

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Thelma said...

Aw Parker, is so sweet to think about others!! How cute!!