Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hearse show and Halloween Festival

This past Sunday we went over to the Orange County marketplace for their annual Halloween trick or Treat festival.
Basically the Oc marketplace is a swap meet loaded with ton of vendors. Every year they have trick or treating so we decided to take the kids. My parents came along too with us.
I dressed Ava as a rag doll. Here is a sneak peak. On Halloween her make up will be a little more detailed. I just did not want to load her up on it during the day when it is so hot.
Toni actually bought her this cute costume as a birthday gift! I just love it!
I adore her smile in this photo! I did it without the flash though. Click on the picture for a closer look!
For the Halloween Fest at the Marketplace they had a Hearse show and contest. Dr. Demento was the grand Marshall. There was a lot of really cool hearses!. They had a couple of coffin cars too!
This hearse had all kinds of do dads welded on.
Nice Grille
All the hearse owners were sitting outside their hearses passing out treats to the kids.
when you turned in your voting balot they would give you a popcorn bag to take to the popcorn cart for free Popcorn. It was delish!
Picking up trick or treats along they way
Ava even got a balloon from these crazy circus Ghouls
We just dressed Parker as a army guy but really he is going to be a knight for Halloween. His costume just was not quite ready yet.
Trick or Treat!!!
There was some great displays. Man that old granny face thing posted on that signs scares the crap outta me...my grandma used to have one when I was a small child hanging on the back porch and it's tongue would stick in and out and it would laugh...truly horrifying!
My dad in some crazy contraption...WTH is that??
The Knott's hearse was there too and also had a readily available coffin to pose in..eerie...
Who ya gonna call...........GHOSTBUSTERS!!
My mom voted for this hearse.
can't go wrong with flames!
After we trick or treated the Hearses and made out votes we went to watch the stage show with the kids and adults costume contests and ate our popcorn. Gabe and I took the kids up just for fun! They both got participant ribbons and some goodies such as a pumpkin necklace, candy and a free ice cream or drink or hot dog coupon! Parker in the crowd pictured above.
Ava got a little stage action! Her little bloomers were all bunched up though!
After the kids it was adult time. There were some good ones!
I was voting for the witch! She got 1st place! Flo got 2nd!
I was really rooting for the bearded lady too but she fell out of the running....
After the costume contests we walked throughout the marketplace taking the kids trick or treating. Ava was really digging getting the candy. We stopped for lemonade and I caught Parker daydreaming...
Before we left we let Parker play on the bouncy obstacle course..he had loads of fun.
There was this lady dressed as DJ lance she looked a lot like him ( don't know if that is good or bad) and Ava was tripping out so hard...Here is the picture we took of Ava just staring.
It was a fun time for us and the kids. I just love all these Halloween festivities!

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