Monday, October 11, 2010

1920's Extravaganza at The Madison

Last night was my friend Felicia's birthday. She celebrated it with a huge 1920's extravaganza blow out. She rented out the Madison in Downtown Long beach for the private function.
The Madison used to be a old bank in the 1920's in Long beach and is just the most beautiful building.
On the invite it read the 1920's, 30's and 40's fashion encouraged.
I curled all my hair and dress as period as I could get.
Parker took this picture of me before we left.
I could not decide if I wanted to do black and white, color or I did all 3
The cupcakes were awesome!!
I had the lemon one!
We got there very early so Felicia was still setting up. So Gabe and I walked over for cocktails next door
Acting silly with my fake cigarette holder
Glamourous dahhhling
HAHAHAHA Gabe was wearing SPATS!
Back at the Madison meeting up with Arnold at thee bar!!
More drinks...
The Birthday Gal and I
Arnold and his date
after ALL the drinks came a WHOLE lotta dancing for me! Felicia was really cuttin a rug too!
I must have taught about 5 different guys that night how to do a basic Charleston move.
One guy I taught became my dance partner for the Charleston dance contest. WE won!! We one Charleston Chews and I got a Kewpie doll!!! I danced a lot last night...even joined in on a conga line...gotta love them stiff I was kind of a lightweight cause gabe and i both did not have dinner.
There was a funny magician to entertain
He was really a crack up...he did a few acts throughout the evening.
Then a band of one Safari explorer and his drumming monkey...
The Dj's played so many vintage hits and there were great old 20's movie projections running and a old timey black and white photobooth so we all got to take home a nice classic picture.
It was a Fantastic Party. I had a BLAST!


Jessie said...

What a cool party! You looked great!

Thelma said...

man ol man ol man!! I really did miss one great partay! dangit. I'm glad you had fun! You look great. Love the hair!

Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

awww I Miss Felicia! looks like fun!