Friday, October 8, 2010

Knott's Halloween Haunt 2010

Every year we get together with some friends for annual trip to Knott's Halloween Haunt. It is usually the same group of friends. It has become a tradition actually. I know the usual guaranteed few are Josh and Vickie and Greg and Maria. Every year we all invite more friends and usually have a pretty big group. This year it was just 7 of us.

Josh and Vickie and Greg and Maria always get the package deal for the hotel stay and tickets. This year in attendance was The guaranteed usual , Maria's friend Amy and Gabe and Myself.

We all went this past Saturday and what fun it was. Gabe and I met up for a pre dinner cocktail in Greg and maria's room.

We took our drinks ( Vanilla Stoli and 7) with us down to Amber Waves ( the restaurant in the Knott's hotel). The bar in the restaurant was decorated in Halloween spookiness with black lights and cob webs and fog even with Loud club music playing. It seemed to be quite the party in there. Snoopy was walking around greeting everyone and came to hang out with us after we were done ordering our food.
Greg and his pants were a big convo starter. He had on bright GOLD pants and we all even made bets before going in the park how many comments would he get on his pants tonight. I guessed 3...he only got 2 actually.
During dinner Snoopy came back and I guess the music had him going cause he grabbed Josh and made him dance with him. It was pretty funny. Soon after the dance routine dinner was served. I ordered a Crab Cake salad and it was sooo good!
After we were done with dinner we all went back to the room to freshen our drinks and talked and laughed and had vh1 classics on the flat screen laughing at all the cheesy videos. Greg had bought a bunch of black Halloween plastic cups with skulls on them and we all filled up our cups, grabbed our tickets and headed down to the park...but first not without leaving with photo of the grim hotel staff...muhahahaha.
The first thing we did was go get our fortunes read at the little fortune teller tents and then bathroom breaks and to the Saloon for a drink! We went upstairs and had a round. The Dj at the saloon was playing dance hip hop stuff. Greg went downstairs to pay the DJ to play Dexy's Come on Eileen...we all sat and sang and danced to it upstairs...I am sure everyone was looking at us like we were crazy!
When we went outside of the saloon some show was happening on the roof....this is what we saw...WTH?!?!? There was quite a bit if obscenities!
We did 6 out of the 13 mazes that were at the park. It was pretty crowded so it was hard to make them all. The first was Terror of London which was sort of a Jack the Ripper style maze. Pretty cool. Of course as soon as we got in Gabe touches one of the lamp displays and it goes crashing on top of his head...nothing major but enough for me to tell him to Not touch the displays! It gave everyone a good laugh though!
The maze was where the Mystery lodge is and there was this waterfall in the background that I told Gabe and Greg to pose in front of.
Our second Maze was Dia de los Muertos in 3d. This was was not too scary but Lots of fun. The 3D glasses are a MUST!!!
I swear the mazes this year looked really great and not all worn out like past years...maybe cause we went towards the beginning of the season.
Josh and Vickie with some weird coyote thing.....
I made Gabe walk in front. For some reason the guys are always pushing us girls in the front. After Dia De Los Muertos we went to the Beer Garden in fiesta village for another round of drinks. I tell ya...the beer garden there made a stiff Ketel 1 Vodka and red bull. Vickie and I got a wicked buzz off that drink!
After our drink it was off to the maze VIRUS Z. It is a new one at the park. When you go in it looks like a old 50's diner (well the whole thing is like a town in the 50's) that has be overtaken by some sort of virus that made all the people into flesh eating zombies. It was pretty cool actually. One part is you walk into a theater...looking at the movie poster it was a good choice of movie playing!
After that maze we checked out the rides. I didn't go on any though.
The Mexican Hat ride!!
Next Maze was CORNSTALKERS at the rear of Camp Snoopy. This maze was pretty mellow but cool too. Not too scary at all..unless scarecrows frighten you...or Pumpkinhead....
Going through the cornfields muwhahahaha watch out for the scarecrows...don't know which ones may come out and grab ya!
The big Pumpkin Head monster at the end of the maze was pretty cool!
This year I heard they had a new Steampunk scarezone. I been so Intrigued with this whole Steampunk scene that all night I was telling everyone I MUST FIND THE STEAMPUNK SCAREZONE!! We found it..but I was disappointed with it. It was pretty lame. I did get some cool without the flash photos though of the area.
Greg and I goofing around with the Gear projections on the ground.
At least there was a Zeppelin!
The next maze we went on was Labyrinth. I think this one was my FAVE!!! It was not scary at all but was so beautiful in my opinion. It was like a Fantasy maze where when you walk in you feel like your in a Tim Burton movie. So many Mystical creatures. I think it was made to be like the movie Pan's Labyrinth. It had the Pan's Labyrinth song playing some people though were saying it was the song from Edward scissorhands but I don't think so. Here is a crazy rock creature from that maze.
After that maze it was nearing closing time and everyone kind of separated. Gabe, Vickie and myself though wanted to hit up one last maze and walk through the foggy Ghost town scare zone which RULED!!! however they use so much darn fog it was damn near impossible to breathe!. We went on one last maze and told everyone else we will meet up back at the room. The 3 of us did the Doll Factory maze and it was probably the most gruesome one we did all night.
We had to walk back through all that fog in the ghost own scarezone to get to the exits and it was SO dark you could not see ANYTHING!!!!! I took this picture..this really was how dark it was.
We were pretty hungry again so after we exited we went to pick up a few Pink's Hot Dogs to take back to the room. Josh and Vickie were so kind to offer to us the other bed in their room before we came out so we got to the room and ate then all just got in our Pj's and crashed out for the night. We were all exhausted.
It was such a fun time...I can't wait till next year to do it again...however am tempted to go back this month to check out the remaining mazes I didn't see!

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