Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wine,Food, Friends and Family

3 things I like to enjoy at least once a week!
Usually one a week I will have a girlfriend or two over at the house for small talk and wine with always some sort of food or snack!
Last Thursday Thelma and Toni came over. We decided to have a big pasta dinner and vino and watch project runway together!.
We each brought a bottle to the table. I also had this wonderful farm fresh English white cheddar to have with the wine while we waited for dinner. It was fantastic!
Toni brought over a salad for starters,and I made the Pasta dinner ( which was spaghetti with tomatoes,zucchini,black olives and tons of Parmesan cheese) I tried to get the sauce to tastes like a pizza sauce, and Thelma brought the dessert...a HUGE Caramel icing yellow cake that was REALLY good.
I made the kids spaghetti O's...they don't care too much for real pasta...well Parker for that matter...Ava will eat pretty much anything.
We all plopped on the couch in the living room and Yelled at Project runway and ate our was a relaxing evening.
The following Friday..I met up with Ally at RS Sushi in Huntington Beach for a drink and a bite to eat. I am in LOVE with their lobster spring rolls and since the last time when we took my co worker there I been craving them. I ordered a plate of those and some California rolls. I am not really into sushi so I always play it safe with the cali rolls.
Fridays are a nice time for me to get away a little since I have sitters at my house every Friday. It gives me a chance to do something really quick after work and not rush home.
Ally was a little braver then I even though I did have this before. Crunchy Spicy Tuna roll. I took the two remaining ones home and Gabe practically inhaled them. He said they were really good. I wanted to have some when we were there but I fasted all day and really ate my food up so fast I felt a little ill and could not eat anymore.
After dinner we windowed shopped a little and sat out on the community chairs by main street and chatted awhile and then I was off home to see the kids. It was nice to be able to meet up for a drink and dinner though before rushing home. Even though it was 2 hours it was just nice to be out and social.
I am very thankful for those times spent with friends. When you are married and have children it is really hard to get out. Gabe and I try at least to get out on our own a couple times a month....kinda like a date night whether it be going to a friends club locally, dinner at a friends house, some fun event with the other adults or just getting away for the weekend wine tasting. Gabe and I like to have time to keeps us youthful and we still get to crack jokes and enjoy each others time with no stresses of the kids.
We love spending time with the kids too. We always try to make the weekends when we all can be together as a family a fun time . We try and go out to breakfast, or work on a project at home or go somewhere fun.
I guess Gabe and I really relish the best of both worlds, Family life and alone time spent with each other and friends.

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