Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vistor at the office

Last week we were teaching a Vespa class and one of our co workers from our corporate office in New York came down for the class.
We were pretty busy all week so we had to wait till Friday to all go out on the town for cocktails.
Afterwork we went to RA SUSHI in Huntington Beach and did the happy hour there. Holly and I did not have lunch that day so we scarfed down on the 1/2 off appetizers. I had these Lobster Spring rolls that were to die for!
We had a few cosmo's too which were much needed after the stressful day of Layoffs that took place within our company. We lost 9 people last Friday.

We were lucky enough to survive this cut and felt a lot of relief once 5pm came around and none of us in our office here got that dreadful call of doom.

It's always nice when we have one of our colleagues from the corporate office on the east coast come in cause we talk to them and work with them everyday on a daily basis and to be able to hang out and see them face to face is just really nice.
I really wish I could have been able to go to NY to work side by side with the people I talk to everyday. It's just much easier to follow along when your working together.
Now that the cuts happened and the budget was restructured it looks like the Italy training trip has most likely been cancelled which we REALLY needed that training. This will be the 2nd time I was suppose to go to Italy for training and it had been cancelled...oh well I am thankful that I have a job still more then anything else and maybe one day I will finally get that training whether it be in NY or Italy.

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