Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pa's Pumpkin Patch 2010

We have lagged a lot this year in regards to taking the kids to the Pumpkin patch. We finally did this past Saturday. Before we left we were hanging at home getting Parker's costume all picked out for Halloween and in this huge box of costumes we have there was this witches' hat...Ava LOVED it and just could not go without it on. I gave her one of my cinnamon brooms to hold cause it was rather witchy looking....
We finally got to the pumpkin Patch. Both kids were really excited to be there.
I caught Ava with this look on her face several times in WOW over all the pumpkins.
They had this little pumpkin pit that all the kiddies were sitting in. Parker wanted to take a picture in it.
Ava did too.

She really had fun sitting on the pumpkins and falling off them.
They had fun in the pumpkin wagon ride too!
Time for some carnival rides...Parker had to go in the Bounce house first.
While Ava rode on the flying pink elephants.
Then Parker headed over to the viking swing
And Ava into the 4 and under pumpkin bounce house
Where she laughed and laughed
and jumped and jumped
One last ride...Big Slide time...boy Parker was really flying down that slide!
Ava and I sitting down while Parker was sliding

Having fun watching Big Brother play
Time to torture the animals in the petting zoo really quick before we leave!
Gabe kept a close eye on her so she would not pull any tails...she has been really rough with the animals lately. She is learning though.

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Thelma said...

How fun! Pumpkin patches are great!