Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dress Time..Can I buy them all..

Oh My which to choose!! My friend emailed me a link to some MUST have dresses for Ava and Oh boy are they adorable...I do need to get her a holiday dress...but what do I choose...
I love this little red coat and dress set..it's like a little Jackie-O
This is just precious but I got to be realistic here...a 2 year old and white..hmm..PASS but it is stunning!

I love this simple and practical..Looks like I could just slide it over her head..that makes things easy for a 2 year old that does not want to sit still
Anything with emboridery has my vote!

Yes and I will take one in my siz as well please...seriously..i want this set for MYSELF!!
I love this coat...just hadto add it.
Coat and Jacket..c'mon...anything with Polka dots is great on a small child!
This almost looks like a adult dress..I would totally wear it...I don't know but now I take a editing eye on this...It may be a little mature for a toddler..you think??
Now to just decide which one to get....

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Thelma said...

Love the little red coat, FABULOUS!